Sagitta is the Latin word for Arrow


Arrows can point in many directions representing multiple stages within our lives. We move forward striving to reach our goals, or sometimes needing to pull back in order to learn, grow and to come back stronger individuals.

Like an arrow being drawn in a bow it moves with purpose and focus, whilst there are things that will try to hold it back the bow will send it forward. We are that Bow – a driving force that will help project you into your new life, helping create the fittest and healthiest version of yourself whilst crushing some well deserved goals.

Why Sagitta?

At Sagitta we aim to help our members improve their health both physically and mentally. We want you to be able to perform well and overcome or achieve things that you never thought were possible. Our program’s objective is to build a solid foundation of good technique and movement patterns whilst focusing on injury prevention and a healthy mind set.