Come and try Sagitta CrossFit and see how we can guide you in your fitness journey to unlock your true potential!


At Sagitta CrossFit we aim to help our members improve their health both physically and mentally. We want you to be able to perform well and overcome or achieve things that you never thought were possible. Our program’s objective is to build a solid foundation of good technique and movement patterns whilst focusing on injury prevention and a healthy mind set.

Our coaches are experienced and knowledgeable, each having a unique coaching style and background in fitness all whilst having a common goal of helping our members achieve their goals! We are community driven and thrive in building a meaningful and valuable relationship with all our members!

Why Sagitta?

We decided on Sagitta as it is the Latin word meaning Arrow. An Arrow represents moving forward with new goals and not living in the past. It also represents that sometimes we need to move backwards Like an arrow being drawn to move forwards with great intension and focus! There are so many things that try to hold us back in life but we represent that driving force that will allow you to be projected into you new life crushing goals and creating the fittest and healthiest version of your self!


Unit 7/5 Milford St,

East Victoria Park WA 6101

0433 972 448


Mon - Fri 5:30am - 7:00pm

Saturday 7am - 9am